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Understanding the cost of LASIK Eye Surgery

Things can get confusing when you try to understand laser vision correction fees. Prices across various centres vary so it’s difficult to know who can be trusted. Many others have fees that are unreasonably high. Certainly, you have to wonder how such a huge price range could exist.

If you want a doctor who will 'just do the surgery’ and let you figure out the rest on your own, or if you’re looking for the lowest prices possible, then TLC Laser Eye Centres probably isn’t right for you.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for expert treatment, continuing support, and professionally monitored follow-up patient education, then our laser vision correction offices in Moncton or Halifax would be perfect for you. Our expertise and support will make your laser vision correction surgery a positive and successful experience.

At  TLC Laser Eye Centres, we offer an all-compassing price package. Everything you need for great eye care is included in the cost of surgery: your pre-operative care; customized surgery; required eye-drops and medications post-surgery; sunglasses and goggles; 24/7 on-call access to a surgeon and post-operative care that does not finish until you are completely satisfied with your results. Your individual success rests on your being able to trust the team of professionals who are taking care of you every step of the way - always. That is why all of our patients are entitled to the TLC Lifetime Commitment® so if at any time after having surgery you require a “touch up” or enhancement, it will be fully covered!

When you choose TLC Laser Eye Centres for your laser vision correction, you can rest assured you will be given all the necessary information and support you need to make your individual experience a successful one.